Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for Bedroom Furniture

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When we found out my wife was pregnant, we decided that she would give up work for a while and become a stay-at-home mum. While we could afford to do this, it did mean that we had to keep a close eye on our spending. Our first job was to furnish our baby’s room on a budget. Luckily, we have a few friends who’ve done the same thing and they were an invaluable source of tips and advice. For example, we learned when it’s safe to buy furniture second-hand and when you really need to buy new; we also got some tips on renovating furniture and sourcing stuff for the room more cheaply. This saved us a bundle of cash and I thought other parents might find this kind of information useful.


Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for Bedroom Furniture

6 July 2018
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Your bedroom furniture is as important as any other furniture in the home, since you probably spend many hours of the day in the bedroom either sleeping, dressing or otherwise using that furniture! While bedroom furniture may need to have lots of storage for clothes and linens, you also want to ensure you create a cosy and relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom so you feel welcomed every time you walk through the door. To ensure you accomplish this, note a few mistakes to avoid when shopping for bedroom furniture.

Shared furniture

If you're buying a bed that will be shared by more than one person, be sure you err on the side of caution and get the largest size you can afford and that will fit into the room! You also need to consider if you have children or pets who like to curl up in the bed with you, and buy a bed large enough to accommodate everyone.

When buying dressers that will be shared, consider how you will organise items inside. Don't assume that you can simply assign the top drawers to one person and lower drawers to another person, as someone might not appreciate having to bend and stoop to get their clothes every day. A wider dresser with separate top drawers can be a better option than a tall and narrow dresser when the space will be shared.


A mistake many people make when buying furniture is that they don't buy items that are in proportion to one another. In the bedroom, you may need that large bed for more than one person, but your dressers and side chairs should also be a bit larger, so they're in proportion. A large bed paired with a small dresser or with tiny nightstands can look awkward and out of place, so be sure you choose furniture pieces that are all proportionate to one another.

Going for a set

A bedroom set can be a good choice for pairing items together and ensuring they're coordinated, but be careful of having furniture that is so matching that it lacks personality. If you choose a bed and dresser set, opt for nightstands in a different style and colour, along with a unique chair. If you prefer furniture that all matches, be sure you add some personality to the room by using picture frames in a different material and colour than the furniture, or by using linens with colours that contrast the bedroom furniture, so all the pieces stand out and look unique.

Reach out to a place that sells bedroom furniture for more guidance.