How to Choose a Trailer Canopy for Your Vehicle

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How to Choose a Trailer Canopy for Your Vehicle

22 November 2016
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A trailer canopy can be just what you need to keep materials secured while being towed or when in the back of your truck. Even if you only store tools in your trailer or truck, you want to ensure you get a good canopy or cover to protect them from rust and corrosion, and even from the prying eyes of potential thieves. Note a few considerations to keep in mind when choosing a trailer canopy for your vehicle so you know you get one you'll be happy with for years to come.

Canvas versus vinyl

A vinyl, PVC, or other plastic canopy can offer lots of protection from rain and snow, but note that they can also trap heat and humidity under the trailer. This can mean damage to delicate items or allowing for rust and corrosion of metal tools and equipment. Vinyl may also be more likely to tear when you're travelling at high speeds, as there is no flexibility or "give" of the material.

Canvas, on the other hand, allows the area of the trailer to breathe, or allows in more air circulation. This means heat and humidity won't get trapped under the canvas. The canvas is also less likely to tear when driving at high speeds as it may simply move and bend against the wind. It may also be easier to clean the canvas completely, as you can often run it through a commercial washer; a vinyl cover may need to be washed by hand, which can be difficult for very large covers.

Consider access

Do you need to quickly reach in and grab tools or other items when the canopy is over your trailer? If so, opt for one with a side window that folds down or unzips for easy access, so you don't need to unhook an entire section of the canopy every time you only need to quickly reach inside.

Double duty

It can be good to consider if you want your canopy to do double duty, such as setting up as a tent for display. Choose one with a built-in frame that keeps it secured, so you don't need to insert a clumsy or awkward set of poles to erect the canopy. A canvas canopy with a very dense weave might also work as a drop cloth for painting or other such work, so you don't need to carry additional cloths with you. Since many canopies can be custom made, consider all its potential uses and shop accordingly, or have one made specifically for your needs.