5 Benefits of Using Wicker Outdoor Furniture for Your Cafe

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5 Benefits of Using Wicker Outdoor Furniture for Your Cafe

23 November 2016
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Picking the right kind of cafe furniture is crucial. You need to strike the right visual note, provide comfortable seating, and find an option that remains practical. Wicker is perfect across all measures; here are just five reasons to consider using it for your outdoor furniture.

1. Solid and Light

Wicker furniture tends to be quite solid, providing a more comfortable and homely feel than spindly aluminium or hard, rough wrought iron. At the same time, it's surprisingly light. Solid hardwood and most metals are going to be incredibly hard to move around so they just aren't as convenient as wicker. If you need to rearrange seating for your guests or bring some furniture inside, this is going to be an important consideration.

2. Surprisingly Durable

If you were ever asked to think of a tough material, wicker probably wouldn't spring to mind. However, it's actually very resilient to damage. This is partly due to the fact that it will bend slightly under pressure so bumps and knocks aren't likely to cause any harm. Additionally, the individual strands of wicker used to make the whole piece of furniture are tough; they won't snap, bend or break very easily.

3. Easy to Maintain

As a business owner, you want the seating outside of your café to be comfortable for your customers and yet very easy to take care of. You just won't have time to constantly reseal hardwood or remove rust from metal. Wicker furniture only requires a small amount of maintenance in order to keep it looking as sharp as it did the day it was delivered. After any cushions have been removed, you can just hose it down to get rid of any mud or bird droppings, and a wipe down with a cloth and dishwashing liquid will do at the end of each day.

4. Weather-Resistant

When you're dealing with outdoor furniture, you need to make sure that your choice is able to put up with exposure to the elements. Once again, wicker makes an ideal choice. It can stand up with confidence against dry or moist heat, rain and extreme cold. Other materials will crack under intense heat, rust when subjected to rain or swell due to moisture.

5. Stylish

Finally, wicker outdoor furniture is just plain stylish. It perfectly bridges that divide between casual and upscale, and you'll be able to fit it around any kind of design scheme. Whether you want large chairs with deep cushions or small, light chairs that can be easily bunched together, you'll be able to find and option that will suit.